Organic Raw Dog Food

Organic Raw Dog Food

If you’ve been keeping up with health news and health crazes, you’ve definitely learned about or at least heard about organic food.

Organic food for humans is food that is grown or raised naturally, without pesticides, growth supplements, or any other chemical aids.

This makes it healthier for you to eat, preventing you from acquiring any health complications from some of the chemical aids used in growing or raising the food.

Since feeding dogs raw food requires you use human grade food, then organic food for humans that hasn’t been cooked is also organic raw dog food.

This type of raw food is the best type you can get your dog because you are sure that the livestock and produce are raised following certain standards.

Farms and companies cannot stamp their products as organic unless their processes or methods for growing and raising are approved by food bureaus.

Once you see that stamp, you know its organic!

Organic raw dog food is usually what is behind all the health benefits your dogs receive when eating raw foods.

Its ingestion is what causes the reduction of allergies and better coats.

Your dog’s quality of life improves immensely.

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It’s senses are sharper, its heart is stronger, it is better hydrated, it has more biodegradable stool, and its immune system is stronger.

You wouldn’t get this type of reaction to non-organic raw dog food.

Raw food pumped with growth hormones or chemical aids will not give your dog these same benefits, and can actually make them ill.

The Problem with Raw Game Meat

The raw feeding model dictates that you give your dog variety when it comes to their diet.

If you are feeding it organic raw dog food, you will be able to provide it with several types of raw meaty bones (like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and other farm bred animals).

You are sure that these have been fed with organic grains and other natural feeds. However, what happens to game animals or animals that are hunted for?

Technically, game meat is raised “organically” since it hunts for its own food or grazes on food that has not been touched by pesticides.

But unlike farm bred animals, wild animals do not receive vaccinations and do not receive the kind of care farm bred animals receive.

That makes it difficult to stamp it as organic and/or safe.

This means that when you feed your dog game meat, you take a risk in terms of passing on disease.

It doesn’t happen to humans because we cook our game meats and any possibilities of disease die in our cooking process.

Usually diseases don’t get passed on to dogs through game meat because microbial pathogens cannot affect our pets the way it affects us, bit it is something to consider, and is not impossible that your dog will become ill.

One way you can be sure that your organic raw dog food is good for your dog (whether farm bred or wild) is to get it frozen.

If the meat has been frozen soon after it has been killed, it retains all the nutrients of the meat, but any bacteria it may have will die because bacteria cannot survive at freezing temperatures.

This can help you provide your dog with the variety it needs in its diet.

As much as possible, give your dog organic raw dog food that has been certified to be organic, or give it game meats that have been frozen soon after it has been killed.

Reputable butchers and raw dog food companies can provide you with these types of food, so that you can give the very best to your pet.