Getting Your Dog Started On The Raw Dog Food System

Getting Your Dog Started On The Raw Dog Food System

Many dog owners are starting to become aware of the current shift from commercial dog food or kibble to raw homemade food for their pets.

There are a number of benefits to shifting which is why more and more dog owners have decided to go with the flow.

Getting started with this can be easy both for you and your dog.

Before you even begin to give your dog raw food, you should make sure that you know all about it.

Knowledge is indeed power and by knowing more about the barf diet for dogs, the easier it will be for you to apply it.

There are numerous resources on the topic both on the internet and on print.

Take the time to research and read on this carefully.

In fact, if you know anyone who is currently feeding his or her dog bones and raw food, you may want to speak to him or her.

You may also talk to your veterinarian about this, you may receive different kinds of opinions and it will add to what you know even more.

Once you have sufficient knowledge on the topic you can get started on getting your dog on the raw dog food system.

Puppies will usually need to be weaned from current diets into a barf diet.

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However, if you are dealing with a full grown dog you may opt not to do this, and just go cold turkey.

If you are not quite sure which one to go with, observe your dog and listen to what it is trying to tell you.

Try serving her bones and raw food, if she welcomes it then you can go on without weaning it from kibble.

On the other hand if your dog rejects this type of food then you will need to help it develop a taste for raw food by slowly introducing it into its diet.

You can do this similarly to how puppies are weaned from current diets to raw food diets.

Whether you decide to go cold turkey or not, you will also have to consider the meat that you give your dog.

It will be a good idea to start with a single type of meat for a couple of days before giving them a whole variety of meat.

This will allow them to adjust their body to eating raw food first.

A good choice of raw meat to introduce at the start is poultry.

These will have both raw meat and bones, but the bones will not be too large that your dog cannot handle it.

If at first it seems like your dog is unsure of what to do with the bones, just leave it be and it will be able to figure things out later on.

Vegetables are another thing that you will want to have in your dog’s raw food diet.

Start off by mixing vegetables which are plain in taste.

As your dog gets used to this kind of diet then you can start adding tastier vegetables and raw foods.