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What’s all the fuss about the Raw Dog Food System, you ask?

Well, it’s quite possibly the BEST WAY to feed your BEST FRIEND.

The Raw Dog Food Sytem is based on the idea that dogs, much like most animals, are not evolutionary meant to follow a cooked food diet. Bears hunt. Wolves hunt. Foxes hunt. And they survive much longer than most domesticated animals do. It’s because they’re on an all-natural diet. More protein, more calcium, more vitamins and minerals. Find out more about the Raw Dog Food System here.

So you want to get your dog started on the Raw Dog Food System? Well, it's not something you can do overnight. Weaning your pet from kibble to raw food may not be as easy as pulling away his chow bowl and throwing him a large chunk of meat. If you care about your pet, you will want to make this transition as easy and healthy for him as possible. Doing it right is what counts.

That's what we’re here for!

We’re here to give you all the information you need about the raw food diet, to help you prepare for the switch and to help you make sure you’re on the right track. On the pages of this site you will learn about:

  • THE SCIENCE behind the Raw Dog Food System
  • THE BENEFITS you will get from putting your dog on a raw food diet
  • THE METHODS AND STEPS you can take to make sure weaning your dog from kibble to raw food is successful
  • THE TRANSITION and how you and your dog can adjust to the changes
  • THE FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCES of dog owners around the world and how BARF has improved their dogs’ lifestyles

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